Friday, April 5, 2019

Joel and I discuss selling a business with the coach and consultant in mind..

Thought you might be interested in something cool that I recently participated it?
I was recently interviewed by Joel Erway on his podcast Experts Unleashed which just went live today!
And, we talked about some really cool things that I don’t normally share.  
During the interview we touched on 
Journey into entrepreneurship and the art of dealmaking;
A “poorly” done deal and the risk of buying and selling business;
Break even point;
The most important elements of selling a business;
What should someone in the coaching or consulting space think of prior to taking steps towards selling?
Timeline for selling a business;
Is there such a thing as “too niche” or too small to sell?
What a sellable business looks like;
Listen to the market;
Positioning your business.

Find the recording here:

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