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I love helping people achieve their goals.  Learn more at the links below or contact us at 

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Do you want a meeting with David for help on your project? Book a consulting call or package using one of these options:

Clarity is a phone-based consulting market platform.  You choose up to three times that work for you and I confirm the appointment before it's booked. This is the best way to reach me after hours, on weekends, or when I'm traveling if I can fit it in. 
The Clarity system charges by the minute for the time we speak and you can leave a public review after our call.

Zoom Video Calls/Telephone
These meetings are booked and confirmed instantly. Zoom video meetings allow for screen sharing and recording.  These meetings are paid for at the time of booking.

'I want David to help analyze a business I've found.' Email us at and we'll send you some options.

'I want David's help to buy a business.' Go to 

'I'm a business owner and want David's help to sell it.'  Go to 

'I need David to do an appraisal on machinery & equipment or determine the Most Probable Selling Price of a business.' Go to 

'I need David's help to get my business organized so it will run better and I'll be able to sell it more easily.'  Go to 

'I want David to come and speak live to a group I'm involved with in person or virtually.'

Current Workshops Offered:
  • How to Buy an Existing Business (3hr.)
  • Business Buyer Advantage (9hr.)
  • How to Get Out of My Business, Exit Planning (3hr.)
  • Financing Your Small Business (3hr.)
  • Funding Acquisitions, a Lender's Workshop (3hr.)
  • Build a Business That People Will Want to Buy (3hr.)
Short Workshops (30-60 minutes):
  • Stupid things people do when trying to buy a business
  • Things to do before you consider selling your business
  • Why you should create an exit strategy today
  • Startup vs. Purchase- Get into business
  • Grow your small business via acquisition
  • Top errors in selling a small business

Custom presentations available, please contact us