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I love helping people achieve their goals.  Learn more at the links below or contact us at or Toll Free in Canada or USA 1 (833) 935-2688

Do you need a meeting with David for help on your project? Book a consulting call using one of these options:

  • Clarity is only on the phone, I need to confirm the appointment before it's booked. This is the best way to reach me after hours, on weekends, or when I'm traveling if I can fit it in.

'I want David to help analyze a business I've found.' Email us at and we'll send you some options.

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Current Workshops Offered:
  • How to Buy an Existing Business (3hr.)
  • Business Buyer Advantage (9hr.)
  • How to Get Out of My Business, Exit Planning (3hr.)
  • Financing Your Small Business (3hr.)
  • How To Do Private Loans and Leases (3hr.)
  • Funding Acquisitions, a Lender's Workshop (3hr.)
  • How to Build a Business That People Will Want to Buy (3hr.)

Custom presentations available, please contact us or Toll Free in Canada or USA 1 (833) 935-2688