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GET INSIDER SECRETS on how to sell your own business.
For years David C Barnett met with business owners and showed them that he could get them the maximum value for their business, now he shares these secrets with you.
When it comes time to retire, divest or simply move on to something else and you want to sell your business; read this book. You’ll learn:
  • When you should use a qualified business broker and when you should not
  • How to sort the qualified brokers from the charlatans
  • How the process should work
  • What you should pay for a good broker’s services
  • What telltale signs to avoid
What if you decide to sell it yourself? You’ll learn:
  • The process of ‘For Sale by Owner’ private business sales
  • How to properly impress a buyer
  • How not to scare off a buyer with rookie DIY mistakes
  • How to find the right help for certain specific tasks that brokers usually do for their clients
In the end, if you want to do the work, you too can sell your own business and save paying a broker’s commission.

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New Cover January 2016:

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Official Description from the Cover Jacket

Invest Local is a peek into the experience of local deal-making expert David Barnett. His experience and education in business brokerage, small business financing and private finance deals gives him an insight into what's wrong with the common financial planning advice available today and how you can make higher investment returns while reducing risk and helping your local community. 

This is not a book about social enterprises or charity. This is a book which guides you on how to find and obtain superior returns in the community where you live, without paying fees to the financial industry. 

Barnett offers step-by-step guidance on how to earn returns ranging from 9% to infinity by doing car leases, secured loans, inventory financing, buying accounts receivables, financing mini and mobile homes, operating leases on machinery and more. 

High yield investing does not have to mean high-risk investing.

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Franchise Warnings 

New Cover January 2016: 

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I spent several years as a business broker and sold many franchises. I've given advice to franchisors, helped existing franchisees sell their business and helped people buy new franchise locations. 

There is a myth in the world that buying a franchise is the easy way to business success. This is far from the truth. 

In this book I share what I've learned over the years. There are stories of real people and real experiences. The book is called Franchise Warnings because it is filled with information that you need to know before you invest your money into a franchise business.

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Want to break free of the shackles of corporate life? 
Want to control your own destiny and set your own hours, priorities and life direction? 
Simple, become an entrepreneur and start a business! 
Don’t like the risk of starting and want to buy a successful business instead?
Ok, just don’t do these stupid mistakes that I see novice business buyers make over and over and over again.
Every day thousands of really awful businesses go up for sale and thousands of good businesses go up for sale with outrageously inflated asking prices. Many of these businesses will sell to people who simply have no idea what they’re getting into and don’t know how to get the right guidance or advice. Invest some time and learn from the mistakes that I’ve observed through my years as a business broker and private sale transaction adviser.
You really can learn from other peoples’ mistakes and make yourself a better deal…. Or know when to go home and leave your money in the bank.

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Also available from Amazon.com, Amazon.ca in Softcover and Kindle.

Credit Card Advantage will show you how the correct use of credit cards as a payment and collection tool can help you achieve strategic goals in your business. 

Save your business money on bank interest, reduce the amount that you invest in receivables, free up cash flow and find free capital to finance growth. 

The book also teaches you how to maximize profits by gaining value from paying the bills you need to anyway. Especially through rewards points arbitrage.... my own formula to maximize profits.

Every business owner should be using these techniques to enhance lifestyle, reduce expenses, grow sales and save on bank interest.

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