Sunday, January 20, 2019

Who uses Gillette razors? Biff or Marty McFly?

Hey there,

Have you seen the new controversial Gillette ad?

Lots of people are talking about it.

I had to check it out.  You can find it on YouTube here: 
If you read the comments or notice news coverage, you'll see that lots of people are really excited or angry about this ad.

When I first watched it, I didn't think it was anti-masculine at all. 

I thought it came across as anti-meathead.

Remember Biff from Back to the Future?  The bully who was always chasing after Marty McFly?  That's my idea of a meathead.

Nobody likes Biff.  Not even me. 

One commentator on YouTube described the video as '3rd wave feminist propaganda seeking not to achieve equality but rather to change the behavior of men.'

Well, I can tell you that since David was a little boy, men have been telling me not to bully, fight, pick on girls or, generally, be a dick.

Most men already try to teach boys to be gentlemen - Otherwise, we'd be living in a crazy Mad Max world and I'd have an awesome homemade dune buggy, a cool gun and a wolf companion that I tamed from the wilderness.

So that's not quite it.

Let me tell you what the video is really about... Desperation.

This is a commercial- the creators are trying to sell razor blades.

I didn't see the ad until I started seeing comments about it on my Twitter feed.

Because I don't watch TV.

...and that's a problem for major consumer brands like Gillette and their owners Proctor and Gamble.

How do you sell mass-market products in a world where it's getting harder and harder to talk to everyone all at once?

I don't have that problem. 

I speak to you directly.

We have a relationship. 

I run a small business.

Regardless of whether you're a Biff, a Marty McFly or a #metoo victim, do you know what you need?  Likely some of these things:
  • tires for your car
  • a new haircut
  • a pepperoni pizza delivered late at night
  • a limo ride for your daughter's prom night
  • siding for your new garage
  • someone to fix your pipes
  • a crew of guys to pave your driveway
Proctor and Gamble can't sell you any of this stuff.

Get it?  Small business has just as much opportunity to reach their target market as the big guys now.

They need to take bigger and bigger risks to cut through the static.  They risk losing customers in the attempt to reach just a few more.

Take control of your own future. 

Buy a business of your own that already makes you money on day #1.

Especially if you work for Gillette. ;)

Sign up for my online course, Business Buyer Advantage, and let me show you how you can avoid risk by buying an already successful business.

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Friday, January 18, 2019

3-time business-seller spills the beans in the February Business Buyer Adventure expert call.


The Business Buyer Adventure group now has representation from 5 states and 3 continents!

Watch this video to see what's been going on in the group.

Remember, each and every month more and more content is added to The Business Buyer Adventure and so the value keeps going up but the subscription price you pay remains the same!

One of the neat features of the group is that each and every month I get an expert to contribute who can comment either on the process of buying a business or on some skill that will help you once you buy your business.

This month, I had 20+ year LMI franchisee Paul Hindelang come and talk about goal setting to get 2019 off on the right foot.

For February, we have 3-time business seller Mike Finger who will give us an insight into the crazy minds of people selling a business and he'll contrast his feelings from the first sale to those that followed.

Watch here: 

Join the group.  Meet others like you.

Participate in our group calls and learn from other member’s deals.

Sign up here:

Friday, January 11, 2019

Worker Co-ops. Another way to exit a business?

Well, let’s keep 2019 going with new things.

This week I explore a new (to me) way of exiting a business.  Sell it to your employees via forming a worker co-operative.

I know very little about co-ops outside of the credit union, insurance companies and grocery stores that I see when driving around.

Finn Mauritzen of joins me for a discussion on the different types of co-ops and how business owners can use this as a vehicle for exiting a business.

Of course, I asked some important questions like:

  • ·         If everyone is an owner, how does someone get fired?
  • ·         Do the managers earn more?
  • ·         Can a worker/owner sell his portion to someone else?
  • ·         Etc.

It was a great and informative conversation and I know you’ll learn something new as well.

Watch the video of our chat here:

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Friday, January 4, 2019

2019 Small Business prediction- Smallbiz

Wow, time to put up a new calendar.

What do I think was the best of 2018?

My audiobooks? Selling my ex-wife’s house? Climbing a mountain? Getting engaged???
What will 2019 bring?

Learn about my new course idea and what I think the big small business challenge of the year is going to be.

See my crazy ramblings here:

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Friday, December 28, 2018

How to Sell Your Business for Millions -or not.

Can a lot of exciting hype help you sell your business for $50 million dollars?

How would you like to go down to your local ATM to see a billion-dollar bank balance shown on the tiny little screen?

Will the same 12 ‘easy steps’ to sell your business apply to all business owners equally?

It all sounds very fun and exciting and what’s wrong with that?

Today, Mike Finger from and I have a discussion about the most popular video on YouTube about selling your business and we’re a little worried about the information it provides.

One big question comes up that you should always be asking… who is this person speaking to and what is their motive?

Check out our conversation here:

Watch the original video we’re talking about here:

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The DARK Side of Christmas

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Merry Christmas Eve,

This is a picture of my inflatable Darth Vader, wearing a Santa hat.

It's on my front step.  I love this decoration.

Star Wars was a great distraction for me when I was growing up and fueled lots of imagination.

This inflatable fellow was a gift from my sister a few years ago.  She immediately knew that I'd love it.

I mean, it's so ridiculous.  What would Darth Vader ask Santa Claus for Christmas if he could? 
  • A new light saber? 
  • A beaded seat cushion for the big chair on the bridge of the Death Star?
  • A brand-new C3PO droid that doesn't say stupid things all the time?
Who knows?

The gift is also important in another way.

Donna bought this for me when she had just become a home owner and had to replace a car.  She was very tight on cash.

Darth Vader didn't cost a lot.  But he was the perfect gift.

Being a responsible adult means making tough choices for the long-haul.

It's easy in this day and age to just spend, spend, spend and worry about the debts and credit card bills later.

Those of you in business already will know what I'm going to share.

You can't let yourself be drawn to this Dark Side of Christmas.

You need to make the tough decisions that mean you are strengthening and not weakening your financial foundations.

It's easy to get yourself into debt and then complain and regret.  This is how most people live, whether through conscious choice or by simply not making decisions.

If you're going to grow personally and financially through business ownership, you need to be in charge.  Take control.  Invent your destiny and make the choices that will get you there.

If you feel bad that you didn't give enough this year to a person in your life; if you have regrets or are worried about how that person may feel about you tomorrow morning.-- STOP.

Lift your eyes up towards the horizon.  That's where you'll find the game you're playing.

What's right in front of you today is a distraction that will keep you from the prize.

Those who are approaching the end of their career as owners can tell you, the prize is there for those who play the long game.  Sometimes you have to restrain yourself now to be a winner later.

I hope you take the time to relish the true opportunity of the season.  A time to turn off cell phones and computers and give your loved-ones something that is truly valuable and irreplaceable.

Your time.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you of all beliefs (and atheists too.)



P.S. If you did over-spend this Holiday season then now is the time to make a budget and resolve to keep it for 2019.  I have always used the 'pay yourself first' method and it works.

P.P.S. Tomorrow is Christmas and I'll start my own gift-giving.  7 days of Holiday Chats with people just like you who are either planning to buy or sell a business or need help to figure out what they're doing.  You're gonna love it.

If you think someone you know would love it too, get them to join the email list at

Thank you for all your support and kind wishes over the past year.  I really am fortunate to be able to make my living in a business where I can help people as much as I do.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Want to Give More? Start with a Fatter Wallet. How To Buy a Business

Hi there,

Did you know that the end of November and December are the biggest giving times of the year?

Is it because of taxes or just the generosity inspired by the Holiday Season?

If you want to give more, you need a fatter wallet.

Let’s explore in this week’s video.

Watch the video here:

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