Here are links to the posts where I am featured in media or one of the books is reviewed.

  1. 2014 April 9th FSN Radio with Kerry Lutz 
  2. 2014 May 8th Juggling Dynamite Blog review with Danielle Park
  3. 2014 June 30 FTM Daily Radio with Jerry Robinson
  4. 2014 September 12 FSN Radio with Kerry Lutz
  5. 2014 September 22 review
  6. 2015 February FSN Radio with Kerry Lutz
  7. 2015 May Follow The Money Weekly with Jerry Robinson (Franchise Warnings)
  8. 2015 July FSN with Kerry Lutz about 'How to do local investing deals from A-Z'
  9. 2015 October Interview with The Land Geek about local investing
  10. 2015 November 10 Minute Coffee Talk with Mark Podolsky- Invest Local and Franchise Warnings
  11. 2015 December Interview with Tony D'Urso about local investing
  12. 2016 July Interview with Mike Saunders- Business Innovators Magazine- How to Sell My Own Business.
  13. 2016 August Interview with Mike Volkin- Ask the Crowd Podcast- The Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make
  14. 2016 August Interview with Robert Plank- The Robert Plank Show- How To Sell My Own Business
  15. 2017 January David Barnett talks to Natural Born Coaches Host Marc Mawhinney
  16. 2017 February I had a lot of fun appearing on The Entrepreneur Way with Host Neil Ball
  17. 2017 March Franchise issues in the Real Estate industry.. a terribly candid live conversation that was a blast. Watch the replay..
  18. 2017 March Dave Lukas interviews me about buying and selling businesses on Misfit Entrepreneur
  19. 2017 March David appears on Conscious Millionaire Podcast
  20. 2017 April- The 'How of Business' with Henry Lopez. We talk about buying an active and successful business.
  21. 2017 May- Money Talk with Melanie. We discuss local investing and Invest Local.
  22. 2017 May- I discuss buying a business with Deb Krier on Mile High Radio
  23. 2017 May- I make a fiery appearance on Entrepreneur on Fire with host John Lee Dumas!
  24. 2017 May- Get your head on straight and hold yourself accountable with the help of your very own mastermind group. I discuss masterminds and the systems that make them powerful with David Shriner-Cahn
  25. 2017 June- The Lion's Den for Businessmen with Robert Mallon.  What are buyers looking for and what do you need to do to ensure your business is sellable?
  26. 2017 June- Monday Morning Radio, do you own a business, job or hobby?
  27. 2017 July- Robert Plank had me back on his show to discuss systems in your small business.
  28. July 2017- JV Crum III has me back on Conscious Millionaire to talk about making a coaching business into a saleable enterprise.
  29. August 2017- Blue Collar Proud- we discuss the real deal with trades businesses.
  30. September 2017- Growth Now Movement with Justin
  31. October 2017- John Lim and I discuss leaving a corporate job by buying a business.
  32. October 2017- Byron Ingraham and I discuss business processes.
  33. October 2017- John Lagoudakis and I talk buying and selling businesses.
  34. November 2017- Shahara Wright and I talk about making your business sellable.
  35. November 2017- Vinnie Fischer and I talk about selling your business on your own.
  36. December 2017- I appear on Men of Abundance and get a little personal.
  37. December 2017- Dave Negri and I discuss buying and selling contractor businesses.
  38. December 2017- Mitch Russo and I discuss buying and selling consulting businesses.
  39. January 2018- Henry Lopez and I talk about small business systems.
  40. April 2018- I appear on the MECE Muse to discuss smallbiz transactions and my own consulting action!
  41. August 2018- Dan Kushell and I talk about targeting buyers for your business on the Growth to Freedom show.
  42. November 2018- Dr. Jesse Green and I discuss buying and selling dental practices.
  43. November 2018- CEO Spot with Amy Walker- Selling your business.
  44. December 2018- Jim Palmer and I discuss buying and selling businesses.
  45. April 2019- Bootstrapping your dreams- Manuj and I discuss selling an online business.
  46. May 2019- Richard Lomax had me as a guest on Slipstream Marketing.  We discuss increasing the value of a business.
  47. June 2019- Hollywood Branded invites me on to discuss buying and selling businesses.
  48. August 2019- Buying online businesses host Jaryd has me on to warn people about buying jobs.

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