Here are links to the posts where I am featured in media or one of the books is reviewed.

  1. October 2021- I return back on Let's Buy a Business to talk about whether you can buy a business with zero down and much more.
  2. September 2021- I was invited to join Paul Ace on Amplify to 7 Figures to discuss buying and selling businesses.
  3. August 2021- I make an appearance on Wealth Without Bay Street to talk about things you should know when selling your small business.
  4. August 2021- I make a return back on Wealth Secrets and talk to Sean Adams about the ups and downs of buying and selling small businesses. 
  5. August 2021- I appear on The Survival Podcast to talk about buying and selling a business and much more
  6. July 2021- I appear on Let's Buy a Business to talk about the risks with startups, how to get the deal done, cash flow forecasting and much more.
  7. June 2021- I appear on The Deal Scout to talk about investing in local businesses with Josh Wilson.
  8. June 2021- I return back on Debt Free in 30 to talk about Bad Funding Choices for Small Businesses with Doug Hoyes
  9. May 2021- I return back on Marketer of the Day to talk about why buying a business is less risky than a startup.
  10. May 2021- I was invited to the Price of Business Show to talk about collateral for seller financing as part of a business sale.
  11. April 2021- I return back on the Franchise Freedom podcast and talk about exit strategies with Giuseppe Grammatico. 
  12. April 2021- I appear on the Wealth Secrets podcast to talk about making private loans and leases to small businesses.
  13. April 2021- I return back on My Worst Investment Ever to discuss novice mistakes that business buyers make.
  14. March 2021- John Martinka and I discuss selling and buying Main Street businesses.
  15. February 2021- Profit First to help make your business more sellable.
  16. November 2020- Peter Lount invites me to discuss local investing. 
  17. November 2020- Giuseppe Grammatico and I discuss franchises and my book Franchise Warnings
  18. July 2020- I appear on Franchise Freedom to discuss the issues with the Franchise Business Model.
  19. June 2020- I appear on Debt Free in 30 to talk about debt traps when buying a business with Ontario Trustee Doug Hoyes.
  20. April 2020- I return back on My Worst Investment Ever to share advice to business owners on how to survive and thrive through these challenging times.
  21. April 2020- Listen to my discussion on buying a business with Edna Keep from 7 Figure Real Estate 
  22. February 2020- I discuss investments with author and Angel Investor Karen Rands
  23. February 2020- BiggerPockets Business wanted to learn more about buying and selling businesses so I told them!
  24. January 2020- Karen Rands from Compassionate Capitalist and I discuss the inside secrets to buying and selling businesses.
  25. January 2020- I appear on Everything ChaChing to discuss selling your business.
  26. December 2019- I discuss the topic of business transactions on the Leafy Podcast.
  27. September 2019- Lana Reid invited me on to her YouTube show called The Male Perspective.  We had a fun chat about manhood and doing business deals.
  28. September 2019- I discuss the idea of buying a small business as a component of your investment portfolio on Be Financially Free with Lorna Poole
  29. September 2019- I return back on The How of Business to discuss how to buy a small business.
  30. August 2019- Buying online businesses host Jaryd has me on to warn people about buying jobs.
  31. June 2019- Hollywood Branded invites me on to discuss buying and selling businesses.
  32. May 2019- Richard Lomax had me as a guest on Slipstream Marketing.  We discuss increasing the value of a business.
  33. April 2019- Bootstrapping your dreams- Manuj and I discuss selling an online business.
  34. December 2018- Jim Palmer and I discuss buying and selling businesses.
  35. November 2018- CEO Spot with Amy Walker- Selling your business.
  36. November 2018- Dr. Jesse Green and I discuss buying and selling dental practices.
  37. August 2018- Dan Kushell and I talk about targeting buyers for your business on the Growth to Freedom show.
  38. April 2018- I appear on the MECE Muse to discuss smallbiz transactions and my own consulting action!
  39. January 2018- I return back on The How of Business and discuss small business systems with Henry Lopez.
  40. December 2017- Mitch Russo and I discuss buying and selling consulting businesses.
  41. December 2017- Dave Negri and I discuss buying and selling contractor businesses.
  42. December 2017- I appear on Men of Abundance and get a little personal.
  43. November 2017- Vinnie Fischer and I talk about selling your business on your own.
  44. November 2017- Shahara Wright and I talk about making your business sellable.
  45. October 2017- John Lagoudakis and I talk buying and selling businesses.
  46. October 2017- Byron Ingraham and I discuss business processes.
  47. October 2017- John Lim and I discuss leaving a corporate job by buying a business.
  48. September 2017- Growth Now Movement with Justin
  49. August 2017- Blue Collar Proud- we discuss the real deal with trades businesses.
  50. July 2017- JV Crum III has me back on Conscious Millionaire to talk about making a coaching business into a saleable enterprise.
  51. July 2017- Robert Plank had me back on his show to discuss systems in your small business.
  52. June 2017- Monday Morning Radio, do you own a business, job or hobby?
  53. June 2017- The Lion's Den for Businessmen with Robert Mallon.  What are buyers looking for and what do you need to do to ensure your business is sellable?
  54. May 2017- Get your head on straight and hold yourself accountable with the help of your very own mastermind group. I discuss masterminds and the systems that make them powerful with David Shriner-Cahn
  55. May 2017- I make a fiery appearance on Entrepreneur on Fire with host John Lee Dumas!
  56. May 2017- I discuss buying a business with Deb Krier on Mile High Radio
  57. May 2017- Money Talk with Melanie. We discuss local investing and Invest Local.
  58. April 2017- The 'How of Business' with Henry Lopez. We talk about buying an active and successful business.
  59. March 2017- David appears on Conscious Millionaire Podcast
  60. March 2017- Dave Lukas interviews me about buying and selling businesses on Misfit Entrepreneur
  61. March 2017- Franchise issues in the Real Estate industry.. a terribly candid live conversation that was a blast. Watch the replay..
  62. February 2017- I had a lot of fun appearing on The Entrepreneur Way with Host Neil Ball
  63. January 2017- David Barnett talks to Natural Born Coaches Host Marc Mawhinney
  64. August 2016- Interview with Robert Plank- The Robert Plank Show- How To Sell My Own Business
  65. August 2016- Interview with Mike Volkin- Ask the Crowd Podcast- The Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make
  66. October 2015- Interview with The Land Geek about local investing
  67. February 2015- FSN Radio with Kerry Lutz
  68. May 2014- Juggling Dynamite Blog review with Danielle Park

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