Friday, February 22, 2019

Industry-Leading direct response email marketer tells SmallBiz Buyers team about hidden customer email lists.


The Business Buyer Adventure group now has representation from 5 states and 3 continents!

Watch this video to see what's been going on in the group.

Remember, each and every month more and more content is added to The Business Buyer Adventure and so the value keeps going up but the subscription price you pay remains the same!

This past month, we had Mike Finger come on to talk to us about seller mindset.  Mike built and sold a business, then bought and sold two more.

He lets us in on the differences between buyers and builders of businesses when the time comes to sell.  You can listen to this conversation right now when you join the group.

For March we have Ben Settle.

Ben has been working in the field of email marketing for decades and he’s learned from the best.  In fact, he’s the guy that I’ve been learning some of my email skills from.

Oftentimes, businesses have information on customers that they’re not taking advantage of.

I asked Ben in our March Expert Call if he thought this information could represent a hidden asset in these potential acquisition targets.

His answer might surprise you.

Join today and learn what he has to say when his interview goes live in March.

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Cash Flow Forecasting and Business Plan Writing program now LIVE

The new Small Business Cash Flow Forecasting and Business Plan Writing Program.

In case you missed it, on Friday I did a live webcast and introduced the new cash flow forecasting program that I'm building along with weekly input from the founding students.

If you'd like to join us, sign up here:

What do the first videos look like?

Well I introduce you to 5 businesses.  3 are new start ups and 2 are existing businesses.

Each has business has a story to highlight different difficulties in doing up cash flows and business plans.  The idea is to show you how to make a mathematical model for any business you might come across.

This first week is all about setting up the sales forecasts.

Next week we'll get into costs.

Each week there is new material and you have an opportunity to submit feedback to make the course better and help fill any gaps.

Founders get in at a special price of only $99.

Be sure to create a Gumroad account so you can easily sign in each week for the new modules.

Sign up today and join us on building this important aspect of your entrepreneurial skills.



Monday, February 18, 2019

Industry Pro gets sucked into hype Vortex!!

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Industry pro gets sucked into hype vortex.
Friday, I got a call from a long-time business broker and lower mid-market deal maker.
This guy has sold a couple of dozen businesses -AND- taken equity stakes in poor performers that needed his help to get ready for sale.
He was calling to talk about a new project and is thinking about leaving business brokerage behind forever.
He wanted my opinion… AND he had a story to tell me.
Now, I’m gonna tell it to you…
This man, Let’s call him Nate, is an experienced deal maker.
He knows what banks want in making loans because he and his clients have done the dance.
He knows what sellers want as he’s had to make them happy.
He knows what a business balance sheet needs to look like after closing in order to avoid the risks of over-leverage because he’s had to bring buyers there in a responsible way.
And then, one day while using the internet, Nate saw a slick video from a guy who promised that he’d done dozens of deals all around the world using none of his own money.
He got sucked into a hype vortex.
He bought a ticket to attend a three-day seminar in Florida where he was going to learn all of these secrets.
It cost him over $10,000 precious Canadian Dollars to attend.
‘Half way through the first day I began to realize how stupid I had been,’ confessed Nate, ‘every example that was given to us was actually not possible in my direct experience.’
‘On the off-chance that something was a doable example, the odds to finding a seller willing to accept the terms were a million to one.’
Here’s where the real tragedy lies, however….
‘David, you should have seen the people there. It was obvious that most could not afford to be there and saw this seminar as their ticket to a better life.  They had no idea they’d been taken advantage of.’
Nate finished by telling me that there were some joint venture contracts that were part of the package that he thought he’d be able to recycle and salvage so his experience wouldn’t be a complete loss.
I’ve said this many times before and I’ll repeat it here-
To buy a business you either need to have some money or equity of your own or you need to have some partners or investors willing to put some in.  The odds of a buyer or buyer group with no money being able to buy a successful business are slim to none.
I’ve made a bunch of videos on this topic which are gathered in this playlist.
People who take my business buying course or join my business buyer group coaching program should have money, or access to money linked to equity in assets, or are exercising discipline in their lives which is allowing savings to be accumulated EVERY MONTH.
If you can’t get your act together to manage a household, how do you expect to be able to manage a business????
Happy Tuesday.


PS. The financial forecasting program is now in week #4 and is going strong. Learn more and sign up over here.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Sohit the college student seeks advice about getting into business quickly

Are you sitting in Economics 101 and just itching to begin your entrepreneurial journey?

This week, one of my college  viewers, Sohit, writes to ask me what he can do to get started right away to get into business.

It’s an interesting case.  Sohit needs to focus on his studies but is there an opportunity for him?
What kind of opportunity?

Watch as I give Sohit advice that I don’t often share.

Also—an important piece of advice for young people who are part of today’s college crowd.

Watch the amazingly awesome video presented here in Beard-o-Vision HD. The latest in video technology.:

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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Super-hero sidekick spotted at one of my workshops.


As you likely know from my fun and numerous e-mails, last week I did a live presentation of my small business systems course called Build a Business That People Will Want to Buy.

An interested and engaged crowd gathered in the hotel meeting room to hear me speak.

Attendees included:

(Names have been altered to protect the reputations of attendees and increase the enjoyment of readers..)
  • Cal, the cunning corporate counsel
  • Orville FettersBy, the office furniture baron
  • Lobster-trap Larry
  • Francis the foundation framer
  • … his lovely wife Fanny
  • -AND- Boy Wonder.  Bat-man’s famous side kick; Robin.
It’s the first time I’ve had a super-hero sidekick attend one of my conferences.

It was easy to recognize him even without his mask and costume:
  • Youthful teenaged appearance. 
  • Zest for crime-fighting disguised as an interest in business.
  • An optimistic energy that held no bounds for the future.
He told me that his father had bought the ticket (which means that Bat-Man likely subscribes to my emails.)

Seriously, it was a big deal for me because ever since I started doing such workshops MANY years ago… over 10, in fact, I’ve always offered a ‘youth’ ticket special for attendees under the age of 25.

This is the first time in a decade that someone has actually stepped up and taken advantage of the offer.

It was interesting to have the young man in the crowd.

I was interested in his feedback.  There were so many questions…
  • Do you think this material will help you in your entrepreneurial adventures?
  • Did you understand the power of setting up these systems vs trying to run your business using super-human wits?
  • Do you think I should be on Instagram?
His enthusiasm was unbridled.

‘I’m graduating high school in a few weeks,’ he said, ‘and I’ve never been taught anything at all like this.   -About how to make a business work like a machine without the owner there telling everyone what to do.   I just thought small business owners were there all day being the boss.’

And so it is with most people.  Visions of owning a business means visions of being the boss.

When the true goal should be being the owner.

Learn how to make a small business work for you by getting it ready for sale.  Invest some time in learning how you can easily bring business systems into any SME.

I promise: It’s easy, doesn’t take a lot of time, and you can do it.

Sign up and learn how you can Build a Business That People Will Want to Buy.



Friday, February 8, 2019

Small business customer and client contracts and service agreements

Do you use the right paperwork with your customers or clients?

Braden works with small business owners all over the US and gives us some insight into the trouble and fixes regarding engagements.

The advice is practical no matter where in the world you are.

What does a good client contract need?

What’s wrong with what many businesses use?

I even tell a funny story about how I changed a contract before signing it without the other party realizing it.  It’s good.

Seriously, it’s not boring.

Watch the video of our chat here:

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Monday, February 4, 2019

How affiliate deals work -AND- why you should get this FREE book now.

Hi everyone,

Ever since I achieved a few thousand subscribers on YouTube, I've been getting offers to help sell other people's stuff.

It's called 'affiliate marketing' and basically it works like this...

Because you like my stuff and have grown to trust what I say, then you'll feel comfortable paying money to buy something that I somehow endorse.

I don't like it.

It doesn't seem right to me and that's why I delete all of these.

Except, I received one a few weeks ago that was different.

It was different because I actually do endorse the product. 

The offer is simple.  Just sign up and receive a FREE copy of Josh Turner's book, which is confusingly titled; Booked.

It will show you how to use LinkedIn better.

It worked for me which is why I wanted to pass this offer along to you.

Now, Josh doesn't earn a living by giving away things for free.

If you sign up for this, they'll try to sell you some other program which I haven't done before.

Since Josh has been in business for years, I'm guessing that his other stuff is likely good and valuable, but I can't endorse something I haven't personally done.

Here's what I'd like to do for you though to clear my conscience.  Because, if you buy Josh's program, I'll be paid an affiliate commission of a couple hundred bucks.

****If you buy his program and you send me a proof of purchase and I can match it to my back-end report, I'll give you free access to my online course How To Do Local Investing Deals from A-Z, which has a retail value of approximately what Josh pays his affiliates.


Click here now and get a FREE copy of this valuable book.

Do it now as the offer is only good for a few days.



Friday, February 1, 2019

Jasmin joins me to discuss her experience helping to finance worker co-op conversions

Did you see the video I did two weeks ago talking about worker co-ops?

If not, you can find it here:

That video prompted Jasmin to reach out to me to share her experience working with a community development lender whose aim is to finance the creation of worker co-ops.

Jasmin’s background is in finance.  She wanted to make sure the buyers in these deals, the workers, got into a good deal that made sense.

Jasmin shared some of her time with me to explain what problems and issues kept coming up when she went in to do analysis and due-diligence.

Watch as we discuss some of the deals and her experiences with the sellers and brokers trying to transfer small businesses into worker co-ops.

I also share a little of my experience in doing successful transfers to employees as traditional buyers.

Watch the video of our chat here:

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