Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I feel like chicken tonight

Chicken was on sale so I bought one yesterday.  I butchered it myself and here's what I got:

1. Shake 'n Bake supper with the kids last night.
2. Leftover chicken for lunch today.
3. Leftover chicken for supper tonight.
4. Today I sat all the leftover bits in my slow cooker all day long and made about 4L of chicken stock.
5. Tomorrow I'll be making a big batch of chicken/rice/vegetable soup.

Total cost of the chicken $7.  Cost of vegetables? under $3.

Aunt Lee Geok's Roast Chicken - whole by avlxyz on Flickr!

5 meals for 10 bucks.

[here's a great blog article along the same lines]

Saturday Update, I ate Soup for supper on Thursday, froze 3 lunch-sized portions and then put the remainder in the refrigerator. I ate some for lunch on Friday and then finished it today (Saturday)

If I add them all up, I now have 9 meals from the chicken and a few onions, carrots, and a couple handfuls of rotini noodles.
Eat smart and get wise in the kitchen, it can literally get your savings on track or create an investable pool of capital for local deal-making.

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