Monday, December 22, 2014

[VIDEO] The ultimate in reducing your lifestyle costs.. live in a van and retire by 40!

I came across Will Burson's YouTube channel a few months ago when he was talking about household budgets and his desire to be retired by 40.  Will came to the realization that while he didn't have the wealth or pension or passive income to live without working, he could pull it off if he drastically reduced his expenses.

Will's decision?  Convert a cargo van into a stealth camper and live in it full time.

Here's his final reveal after doing the conversion work.  Check out his channel to see the progress and his budget videos.

He now plans to work for a few more months and save up some cash but he's got a long term plan to live in this van off the rental income from one rental house he owns in Texas.

As a graphic designer, he's also got the option of doing freelance work via the internet to keep a small trickle of employment income coming in even if he decides to travel.

Fascinating, but probably not a solution for guys with little kids ;)

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