Sunday, February 12, 2017

27-Year-Old Want to Buy a Business from a Baby Boomer- How To Buy a Business.

I received an e-mail from Vincent, a 27-year-old go-getter who wants to know what he needs to do to buy a business from a retiring baby boomer.

Some of my advice isn’t very sexy…

Live below your means and save money.  Most first-time buyers need down payments and have to pay closing costs and this money almost always comes from savings.

Build your credit.  Learn to use credit wisely and qualify for larger and larger facilities personally.  You may need to use the credit when you make your deal.  Perhaps buy a house if it makes sense for you.

Choose the right industry.  You need to pick an industry with a many potential target companies.
I’ve got these and a few more points in this video I recorded the other day.  Watch it here: 

Most importantly though for Vincent, learn what you’re doing before you go looking for a deal!
Learn how to buy a business at where you can access tons of information and enroll in my online course.

In fact, it’s such a great value that it really should be shipped in one of those Wal-Mart ‘Great Value’ packages.  (The course works out to about $20/hr. and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee!)  You can see how my whole buyer system works in this video from a few weeks ago:

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