Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Have you read this?

Have you read this?


Jon drove all the way from Prince Edward Island to come to my workshop on March 31.  Over two and a half hours in the car.

He enjoyed the workshop and wrote to me a few times with ideas afterwards.  He also left the workshop with all four of my books. Invest Local, Credit Card Advantage, Franchise Warnings and How To Sell My Own Business.

He just finished reading Credit Card Advantage and sent me this amazing note about how the book will affect his lobster-trap business:

"You're one smart bugger mister man! I'm reading your books now, i'd never thought of credit card payment deferral like that, i drew out a time line and i figured out a way to make my dollar go further, i think i can build 1000 traps with $14,000 using deferral strategy instead of the 420 i normally would have been able to build with the $15,000 sitting in the account i set aside for traps. 238% increase in production? Its 2.38 times as many traps built with 1000 less dollars anyways lol"

Do I need to say anything else? Have you read it?

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