Sunday, October 15, 2017

Who’s Counting the Inventory in that Business you’re Buying and why it Matters- How to Buy a Business

Who doesn’t love coming in after hours and counting all the stuff on the shelf?

Unfortunately, most people who own businesses hate doing inventory.

It’s so distasteful that an entire industry has sprung up to do it for people.. these businesses are populated mostly by moles and other nocturnal creatures since inventory counting is mostly done overnight.

One local office here where I live hosts a team of inventory counters who assemble at dusk, ride a bus together to their temporary haunt, then scurry and scratch their way through mountains of precious goods.  You can almost hear them saying.. ‘oooh my precious!’

Of course, if a small business owner wants to avoid the effort and cost of counting inventory, they can just make up the numbers.  And many do just that!

Then there are the other, more treacherous reasons for making up inventory figures.

So what does this mean for someone trying to buy a business?  What hazard does poor inventory counting create to the investigative small business buyer?

Watch this video as I explain the relationship between inventory and COGS and why it’s so important and what you can do if it’s all messed up:

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