Sunday, December 17, 2017

J's Business Buying Disaster- How to Buy a Business- Businesses for Sale

One of my YouTube viewers bought a business earlier this year and will soon likely be going #bankrupt.

He wrote me a couple of weeks ago:


I used to watch your videos a lot about a year ago when I was contemplating buying a business.

I should have bought your course and that is one of my biggest regret. Now I am in a big hole with [business] that I purchased.

The deal was bad for me. Now I am not making any money.

I'd like to have a phone call with you and see what my options are.


I took the time to give J. a call and discuss what happened. There were a bunch of problems with the business and the way in which he was 'shepherded' through the buying process.

Many of the people he thought were working for his interests were not. He will now have to figure out how to grow fast with no further investment or start making plans for going under.

Learn more about what happened by watching this video:

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