Friday, March 9, 2018

Money for Nothing and Chicks for Free- Dire Strait Business Buyer Mindset Issues

Why are some people writing me to ask about finding lenders who will lend them ALL the money they need to buy a business?

Why can’t I just roll over and agree that it’s perfectly normal for a broke person with no money to magically be able to go buy a business worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars all with borrowed money?

This week I made a video about being realistic in the process of buying a business and how some people will find themselves victims because of their mindset.

I take time out from my vacation to address the unwavering beliefs of one viewer. Watch:

Find the ‘Villains’ book I speak of here:

Watch ‘Buy a Business with No Money’

Watch ‘Buy a Business with No Money II’

Watch ‘Leveraged Buy Outs’

Watch ‘Private Equity in Buying a Business’

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