Friday, June 22, 2018

New Program to Help You Buy a Small Business

As you may realize, I put together a year-long group coaching program to help people execute on the actual work involved in finding and buying a business at the end of 2017.
Some of the things I learned about that were:
1. People wanted the flexibility to start the group program whenever they wanted.
2. People didn't like the fixed length of the program.
3. People did like the fact that they would be working with other buyers.
4. People did like the fact that they would get more time with me and an inside look at their deals and those of the group members.

Here's what I've done...
I'm launching a new program called Business Buyer Adventure.
Watch me talk about it here:

Get it? It's like an expedition or mission to use the talents and skills taught in Business Buyer Advantage and we go on this journey together.
One of the cornerstones of the Business Buyer Adventure program is The Next Step Preparation program.
Basically, The Next Step materials allow new members to catch up before joining our hunting party in the jungle.  
So, this new program incorporates this long-established self-coaching prep program within it and once you've done that, you can join the group accountability calls to keep you on track with the actions you need for success.

Now, here's what's important to you as a person who may wish to buy a business:
1. There is a 'founder special' for people who join the Adventure program in its' first few weeks.
2. This is a great deal since the regular price of the program is only USD$147/mo which is my hourly one-on-one consulting rate and you'll enjoy several hours of new content each month.
If you lock in this special deal, the price you pay now will continue FOREVER.  Even if you stay in for years.  The discount you're offered here today can even be compounded on the annual purchase which further reduces the cost of joining.

If you decide to join the Adventure, then use this link to buy it as it will give a special price in the first two weeks.
Learn More--Click it now to go to the product page where you can see a video which describes all the different information and community features of Business Buyer Adventure.

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