Friday, January 11, 2019

Worker Co-ops. Another way to exit a business?

Well, let’s keep 2019 going with new things.

This week I explore a new (to me) way of exiting a business.  Sell it to your employees via forming a worker co-operative.

I know very little about co-ops outside of the credit union, insurance companies and grocery stores that I see when driving around.

Finn Mauritzen of joins me for a discussion on the different types of co-ops and how business owners can use this as a vehicle for exiting a business.

Of course, I asked some important questions like:

  • ·         If everyone is an owner, how does someone get fired?
  • ·         Do the managers earn more?
  • ·         Can a worker/owner sell his portion to someone else?
  • ·         Etc.

It was a great and informative conversation and I know you’ll learn something new as well.

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