Monday, June 3, 2019

Real estate pro on no-money deals

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Real estate agent on YouTube tells us what he really thinks…
‘I'm in Real Estate and I hate all the people who peddle get rich quick crap. Thanks so much for being honest while still showcasing where the opportunity actually is. Well done.’ -Kenneth Kenchen, via YouTube.
It was a comment left on my ‘Buy a business with no money?’ video.
Note the question mark.
That’s because I show people why this is not too realistic for a great and profitable business.
But I do show viewers where they may find such a deal.
It’s among the businesses that have been having performance issues.
They don’t have profits, often come with lots of debts and require a real pro in the given industry to fix them.
But here’s the other thing…
Even if a business is ‘fixed’ and is making money on an ongoing operational basis, too many debts can still kill the business.
That’s why, you should leave these things to the hardened entrepreneurial pros who already own businesses and can afford to take a hit.
It’s not something a person should be doing on their first deal.
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