Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Some friends stopped by for my 2019 Live Christmas Eve Special...

Some friends dropping by.

It’s the holidays so I invited some of my SmallBiz friends to drop by for a bit of a party.

Join us for some cheer and fun conversation.  Here’s who I invited…

Mike Finger, a former business owner, business broker and consultant who helps business owners prepare their businesses for sale.

Henry Lopez, former car wash and suite salon owner and current co-working space and frozen yogurt shop owner will be visiting too.  Henry is also a business coach and the host of the How of Business Podcast.

Marc Mawhinney, Three-time business owner and business coach to coaches will be stopping in.  Marc is the host of the Natural Born Coaches Podcast.

Finally, I’ve got Rick Nicholson who will be visiting near the end.  Rick has owned seven different food/coffee businesses over the years and is a Wizard of Ads partner with Roy H Williams’ Austin, TX based organization.

Watch the party here on YouTube: https://youtu.be/WFX4dOPSkQM

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Cheers and Merry Christmas

David C Barnett

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