Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Raising funding from Family Offices with Richard Wilson- How to Buy a Business

The real ‘Rich Uncle Albert’

Maybe you’ve heard this story before.

A business buyer doesn’t have enough cash to do a deal on a great acquisition opportunity and so he needs to go and ask Rich Uncle Albert for help.

We don’t all have a rich uncle, but maybe we can meet someone just as useful in doing a business deal.

This week I talk with Richard Wilson from about the types of investor that his organization caters to.

We also discuss what these folks are saying about the #CovidRecession.

Listen in as Richard and I discuss his wealthy private investor organization and what these rich folks really look for in a deal:

Learn how to buy an already-successful and profitable business even in the covid-recession of 2020:   **Now with a new section on buying distressed businesses.

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