Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Mid-Market Rollover Exit strategy discussed with attorney Trevor Crow potential dangers for sellers


Converting a business and selling part of it to investors.

Trevor Crow has been a recent expert guest for my Business Buyer Adventure group coaching program.

Today, Trevor and I discuss a recent deal in which some partners in an LLC convert to a corporation and then sell 70% of it to some investors as an exit plan.

This is both a tax and investment strategy being done on a lower mid-market business.

I wanted to bring you this conversation because it touches on many relevant topics:

·         Rollups and Platforms

·         Exits

·         Minority Shareholder issues

·         Employment and management agreements/ shareholder/ partnership agreements.

·         Seller financing/ Skin in game with equity

·         Legal costs vs benefits of complex strategies for Main St.

·         Benefits of share deals vis a vis customers

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