Tuesday, November 10, 2020

What about that new guru I saw advertising online?

 What about Roland Frasier?

I received this email from Business Buyer Advantage student T.


Do you know Roland Frazier?

I took Roland’s $55 course on how to buy business.  

He has a lot of knowledge and I learned a lot.  

He is always claiming that we can buy businesses for free.

After that, I was invited by him for his other course that is worth over $2000.

However, I watched your videos and found that Roland’s course misses a lot of important stuff.

First, he is not very strong in accounting like you.  

Also, I feel that he always talks about the bright side, but he never talks about any risk that we need to beware.  

I was really impressed by your YouTube videos.  

There is a video to talk about double counting income trap.  

I’m currently discussing with the broker for the burger shop acquisition but I actually encounter the exact same situation.




Do I know Roland Frasier?

Sure, he pops up every 30 seconds on my Instagram feed claiming to help people buy a business in 5 days or something.

He’s just the latest in a succession of no money down gurus trying to advertise that the solution to people’s money problems is buying a business.

Advertising to convince people to buy an online course makes sense. 

He’s trying to grow his market by selling to people who are looking for a quick fix.

But, these people rarely ever do a deal.

If they do find any deals, they often can’t get the levels of financing the guru promised.

When they ask for help from the guru, they get ghosted.

That’s when these people become Zero-Down Guru Refugees and go wandering the internet for help.

True business buyers are internally motivated. 

They decide they want to be an entrepreneur via acquisition and then they go looking for information.

It’s why you don’t see me running paid ads for Business Buyer Advantage.

People who become interested in the topic can find me easily enough, just like T.

I do feel bad for people who get sucked into these programs though.

It’s why it’s so important for all of you to share videos from my channel and hit the ‘like’ button when you watch them.

That’s how the YouTube algorithm knows the content is good.

You have no idea how good it feels whenever I go check out a video from one of these guys and see my own videos as suggested content on the side.

This is the easiest favour you’ll ever do for a fellow person.

Help them become aware before they become a Zero-Down Guru Refugee.




David C Barnett

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