Friday, October 15, 2021

David joins Ted Leverette and Curt Maier to 'Sharpen Your Search.'

 Expect a few surprises. They might change your perception and increase your opportunity.

Ted's original YouTube Show notes:

People wanting to buy a business face may appear to be three insurmountable obstacles: • Business Brokers. • Buyer competition. • Poorly prepared and unrealistic sellers. In this presentation, you’re going to learn how to go over, around or through them. What about dealmaking during uncertain times? What's to know about searching/buying during a Seller's Market? Why am I not seeing enough of what I want to buy? How to get more and better deal flow? What about outsourcing search? Using/paying finders? How to handle question of net worth and available funds to source the acquisition? What about business brokers? Help or hinderance? Broker management: How to stay top-of-mind with all the other searchers out there? How to go about a proprietary search in the most efficient manner? Are there successful alternatives to drip campaigns? Who do brokers and sellers take more seriously? Self-funded people wanting to buy a business? Search Funders? $1 million business threshold. Adjustments / Add-backs? Business cycle and valuation? Please subscribe and email Ted Leverette from to schedule a Zoom chat. Ted Leverette enables buyers of profitable small and midsize businesses in the USA, Canada, Australia and the U.K. to be the 1st choice of brokers and sellers, which results in more-profitable done deals sooner with less aggravation at lower cost. How? Read his how-to books. And then let him help you deploy proven best practices. Ted J. Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate ® “Partner" On-Call Network, LLC Searcher and Transaction Advisory: Prepare-Search-Offer-Buy (Not a business broker; never have been.) Get these books on Amazon or 120 Financial Lifelines for Small Businesses (Free) How to Prepare Yourself and Find the Right Business to Buy How to Buy the Right Business the Right Way 21st Century Entrepreneur Ideas for Kids and Aspirational Adults (Free) How to Get ALL the Money You Want For Your Business Without Stealing It (USA and Canadian versions.)

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