Friday, December 23, 2022

David's 2022 Live Christmas Eve Special

My big gift to all of you.

Nothing celebrates the holidays like getting together with friends and family for a big meal or a party.

It’s in this spirit that I’ve decided to continue my tradition of doing a Christmas Eve live special.

It will air via YouTube Live on Friday, December 23th at Noon Eastern, 9am Pacific time and pretty much run for 4 hours or so, we shall see…
I’ve invited some friends to come and talk about their experiences in 2022 and what we might expect for the year to come:
Mike Finger, a former business owner, business broker and consultant who helps business owners prepare their businesses for sale. Mike is also the co-host of my new show Your Exit Squad. I’m sure we’ll be sharing some of the details of this program as season 1 is about to be released.
Giuseppe Grammatico, The Franchise Guide from New Jersey who has appeared on my show discussing franchise opportunities.
Rocky Lalvani, Host of the Richer Soul and Profit Answer Man podcasts. Rocky coaches entrepreneurs to implement the Profit First system in their businesses.
Ted Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate™ Ted’s been working with clients around the world to help them buy some impressive businesses. Maybe he’ll share some of their successes or one or two of his secrets with us this year.
Henry Lopez, former car wash and suite salon owner and current co-working space and frozen yogurt shop owner will be visiting too. Henry is also a business coach and the host of the How of Business Podcast.

Marc Mawhinney, Three-time business owner and business coach to coaches will be stopping in. Marc is the host of the Natural Born Coaches Podcast.
Mark Willis, from Lake Growth Financial. Mark is a channel sponsor and helps people secure his client’s financial future with the Bank on Yourself system.
Finally, I’ve got Rick Nicholson who will be visiting near the end. Rick has owned seven different food/coffee businesses over the years and is a Wizard of Ads partner with Roy H Williams’ Austin, TX based organization. He’s also appeared this past year as a live guest on the YouTube channel.
As a live event, if you can join us during the broadcast, you’ll be able to post comments that I’ll be able to see and so it could be quite interactive for us.

If you can’t make it and want to submit a question for me or any of the guests, just hit ‘reply’ and send me a note right now.
If you can’t make it to the live broadcast, the recording will be available for you to see later and I’ll put the audio on my regular podcast feeds as well.
Starting on the 24th, I’m going to be releasing this year’s Holiday Chat calls.
I’ll be sending out one each day to people on this email list only.
If you have a friend who should be on the list to get this information and those Holiday Chat calls, then send them to Cheers and enjoy the holiday season. David C Barnett Show sponsors: Cheers and enjoy the holiday season.
David C Barnett
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