Saturday, June 1, 2024

Deceptive Webinars Rant

Can you trust the people you’re doing business with?

What if they make it obvious that they’re liars?

Would you still do business with them?

My deceptive online webinar experience:

The webinar was only offered a couple of times over the weekend, and I happened to have my children with me over the weekend, which rules out daytime online activities like webinars because my kids are young and they interact with me at a minimum every 10, 15, 20 minutes. 

Being in Atlantic Canada, I joined a West Coast webinar at 11 p.m. my time. During the 90-minute session, the host asked for feedback and commented on the chat, but I couldn't see any of the interactions he mentioned.

I realized it was likely a recording when I didn't see any other participants' inputs. Despite this deception, I stayed for the content but felt betrayed. If the host had simply shared a recording, I could have watched it at a more convenient time. This deceit made it hard for me to trust and buy from him.

I find it frustrating when marketers use such tactics. It's essential to be honest, especially in online sales and presentations. Deception undermines trust and rapport, which are crucial for successful business relationships.

So anyway, that's my rant. It annoys me when people are deceptive in this fashion, and clearly in a way that was so easily detected by anyone who stops and thinks a little bit and knows how to interact within the online platform.

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