Sunday, March 30, 2014

Getting it ready for Sale, What I've learned about Amazon, a look at the hardcopy

I've been doing a lot of research lately about Amazon and how it works.  I've decided to make some changes in my plan for launching and promoting the book.

The more copies are sold via Amazon, the more highly rated the book will become and the more often Amazon will recommend the book to people via e-mail and other on-screen promotions.

I'm thinking about using the available promotional tools to do a big launch and try to get my facebook and Linkedin connections to buy copies of the book.  Maybe I'll offer a discounted price for Kindle downloads in Canada for next weekend.

Hopefully this will give me a big push.

I've also learned that good reviews are important.  Amazon keeps 'score' of its top reviewers and if they buy my book and give it a good review this adds credibility and will also help to push the book up the rankings.

Stronger books keep getting pushed up, weaker books keep falling lower.

I'm learning so much its making my head spin!!

BTW, here's a look at the printed proofs that CreateSpace sent to me...

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