Monday, March 17, 2014

Smashwords and a custom URL

So last night while doing publishing research I discovered SmashWords which will allow me to put my book into multiple e-marketplaces with one stop.  This will allow me to get my book into Barnes & Noble Nook machines which foreign authors have no access to.

So here's my plan for distribution:

  • Use CreateSpace for printing and 'real-world' softcover distribution throughout the world
  • Buy some of the books and sell them via this blog, this way I can avoid withholding taxes to the US government.  Also, I think I can get the book to fit with Canada Post Lettermail so the postage won't be too high.
  • I will use Amazon to sell the book to Kindle users
  • I will use Kobo to sell to Indigo/Chapters Kobo and international Kobo users
  • I will use Smashwords to sell to everyone else in the e-book universe.
  • I will sell .pdf and .epub myself to try to keep royalty cuts to a minimum.

Once the distribution is all in place, then I can start the  promotion of the book.

Also, I learned that while I do have the rights to the image on my cover art for promotion uses, I can't use the image on an item I will be selling.  Therefore I need a new cover and will likely go with one of Create Space's standard covers since I don't feel like going out and getting a photo made that I'm sure will not violate someone's copyright.

Wow, am I ever learning a lot.


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  1. I'm excited for you. I'll let you pave the road, and I'll test drive on it when I'm closer to completion. This is awesome stuff!!!