Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Whaddaya know twitter...

You never know what you'll find if you spend some time looking at who favourited your tweets and which tweets they were.  I've uncovered some neat websites that you may enjoy from my Twitter followers...

David over at has favourited several of my tweets.  When I checked out their site I found a really comprehensive series of articles on how to run a small business. From marketing to funding and all sorts of other stuff.  Worth a look.

Sunbelt Canada is the site for Sunbelt Business Brokers in Canada.  Yes, I used to own the Moncton office but I see that the social media monitors at my old franchise still enjoy my opinions and do the occasional re-tweet as well.  Check out their site for information on buying and selling businesses and to see the majority of businesses for sale in Canada.

This is neat.  A website dedicated to interviews with the founders of start-up companies.

A business coach who helps entrepreneurs make business fun again.  Marc's website features lots of great blog posts, many from guests, that offer great advice for start-ups and established businesses.

I'm going to have to spend some time on this.  Seems to be a neat networking site based on areas of expertise where readers can rate posts.  Kind of like LinkedIn meets eBay for ideas and information??  Looks cool, I'll have to investigate further.

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Enjoy your Wednesday everyone.

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