Monday, January 26, 2015

How to make a living without a job.. Glendon creates a playlist of his excellent videos.

Many people know that the 'dependable' jobs are on the way out.  The economy of working is changing to an economy of 'gigs.'  It's happening everywhere and a recent article that I remember reading but I can't find said that almost half of working people by the year 2020 would be freelance contractors.

Web sites like and are helping to create marketplaces where people all over the world compete for one small piece of work at a time.
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You can either let the changing world happen to you or you can get out in front of the tsunami and prepare yourself by being in control of your own destiny.

You can start out part-time, all it takes is commitment.

Glendon Cameron teaches the 'hustle' of being self-determined.  I like his videos and follow him often on YouTube.  He's put together an entire playlist of videos on how to make a living without a job and I though some of you may find it interesting.


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