Friday, June 3, 2016

Thanks to Atlantic Canada's Credit Union commercial loan officers for having me out to their annual conference.

I had the awesome pleasure of being invited to speak to the commercial loan officers of Atlantic Canada's credit union family in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia yesterday.

I presented an excerpt from my 'Financing Acquisitions' workshop.  It was well received and I got some great questions from the audience.  Watch for some of these questions in my upcoming weekly blog posts.

I really took an interest in what I learned about Nova Scotia's new and very flexible small business finance program that even guarantees lines of credit to certain borrowers.

What's great about these types of speaking opportunities is that not only do I get to share my message about buyers and sellers making fair and reasonable deals, I also get to make new friends and face-to-face contacts.

After all, business is about people.

If you're trying to sell your products or services, get out there. Talk to people.

Also; Dad, thanks for pushing me to enter that grade 4 speech contest.  I guess it all worked out.



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