Sunday, June 5, 2016

Robert Kiyosaki likes MLM systems. What about you Dave? Viewer Question - David C Barnett

I got an e-mail from one of my YouTube viewers.  André wrote and quoted Robert Kiyosaki.  Kiyosaki likes MLM programs because it can be an easy-to-start business that gives you the opportunity to learn how to sell.

I think selling is the most important skill an entrepreneur can have.  I do have some concerns, however, about MLM programs.

Back in the day, Mr. Ponzi created an ‘investment system’ where he paid early investors money from later investors in order to convince people that he could obtain stellar returns.  Bernie Madoff did the same thing a few years ago in New York City.

The big difference between a Ponzi scheme and an MLM program is supposed to be that an MLM is about selling goods.

Too often though, MLM programs require minimum order levels on a monthly basis in order to maintain ‘status.’  Without this special status, the participant loses out on goodies that can range from commission premiums to losing their ‘downline;’ the people they have recruited into the system.

Watch the video to hear a story of how I observed this happening in my own family at one time.

Because of all these silly rules, and the fact that many MLM systems actually do focus on recruitment over sales, I don’t really like them.

Do you know what I DO like? Direct sales opportunities. 

When I was a teenager, I was a representative of Regal Greetings and Gifts.  I purchased catalogues and distributed them to my customers.  I then placed orders and the bigger the order, the higher my commission rate.  If I didn’t place an order then nothing happened.  No loss of magic jellybeans.

There are many such opportunities  out there and they have one big thing in common, you deal directly with the supply company or wholesaler.  There are no pyramids of recruiters all trying to shave a penny off your efforts.

So if you’re looking to get a small taste of entrepreneurship without quitting your day job, check out the internet for a direct sales opportunity.  I did it for years and it definitely helped me learn much needed skills at an early age.

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