Sunday, July 10, 2016

This one change earned a business seller $250,000 more! - David C Barnett

A few years ago I put out a video on YouTube about a guy who sold his business for more than I thought he could by offering financing terms to a buyer that were better than the bank’s. Watch that video here:

Just this week I had the opportunity to coach a seller along the same lines.  In fact, it worked out so well that his words to me were, ‘the money I’ve invested with you is the best money I’ve spent in my entire life.’

Those were very kind words.

Watch the story of the negotiation here:

This seller was properly prepared and he and his spouse were going to be able to benefit from tax-free gains because they were doing a share sale of their business.

He had come to me for advice on the negotiation and I showed him a way to get the buyer to agree to a price that was $250,000 higher than what they had previously agreed to by offering to change the terms of payment.

Having the correct advisors working with you in a complex transaction like this is worth every penny.  When it comes time for you to buy or sell a business, give me a call for help.

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