Sunday, July 17, 2016

How to push your business' 'self-destruct' button... You can ruin everything really fast! David C Barnett

How to Sell a Business – Keeping it a secret

One of the most distinct aspects of the market for small businesses is that it is a secret one.  The worst thing that a business owner can do is publicize the fact that their business is for sale.

Telling people that you want to sell your business is like pushing the ‘business self-destruct’ button.
If any of the following stakeholder groups finds out that a business is for sale, the business could be ruined and all that an owner has worked for could be destroyed:
  • ·         Employees
  • ·         Customers
  • ·         Suppliers
  • ·         Lenders
  • ·         Competitors

I explain why secrecy is so important for each group in this NEW video:

I also explain what business for sale really means to 95% of the population.

Let me give you a little info on each one:

Employees: If they think change is coming, they may bail.  The best employees always have available opportunities with competitors.

Customers: If you deliver in the future or people rely on a warranty, they won`t have any faith in your future if they find out you’re for sale.

Suppliers: If these guys think there`s something wrong say `goodbye` to your trade credit.

Lenders: I’ve had more than one client have their credit line cut when their banker found out they were for sale.  I explain why in the video.

Competitors:  These guys will use anything they can to steal business.  News that a business is for sale will help them sew doubt in the minds of prospects.

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