Friday, May 18, 2018

Buying a business with money FROM THE FUTURE (said in a mad-scientist voice)

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This week I answer a question from a viewer about ways to pay for a business purchase based on the future performance of the business.

Sometimes called an earnout or a royalty.  These deals are for risky businesses and usually are a strategy for managing businesses with a lot of personal goodwill which may not transfer to a buyer.

How much is a business worth if the customers leave?  Let me show you what others have done to spread that risk back to the sellers.

If you’re a seller of this type of business, contact me to work on ways you can avoid having to accept an earnout offer.

Two weeks ago in Las Vegas, I spoke about business promissory notes from the point of view of an investor who may wish to buy one.

I made a bootleg recording and for the month of May only it is included as a special bonus in my online exit-planning course.  Enroll here:

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