Tuesday, March 12, 2019

My winter vacation is over. :( Here's what people on the email list have been enjoying..

The last 13 days.


Over the last 13 days I've been sending out links to the email subscribers of old videos of mine with comments about what I thought when they were new or how I feel about them now.

If you didn't receive them, it's because you're not on the email list.  Join at www.DavidCBarnettList.com

I try to only send out emails to the people they may be relevant to so be sure you check the right areas of interest for you.


  1. Road to Gold is paved with Macaroni. https://youtu.be/BXDHF5dYbWo Feb 27
  2. Paving Contractor vs. the Drug Dealers https://youtu.be/tI32pOdd2bs Feb 28
  3. Industrial Age Thinking = Opportunity https://youtu.be/ZJgNWU-sxeQ Mar 1
  4. Why the right asking price is critical in selling a business https://youtu.be/CuiJUenzEzc Mar 2
  5. City Zoning Rules distract business owner. https://youtu.be/lwORvoJ_xeY  March 3
  6. Franchise fees are the cost of selling to you. https://youtu.be/7eYi5-HA5wcMarch 4
  7. Pizzeria Franchise Inferno https://youtu.be/-a1LH4i07k0 March 5
  8. Finding equity- balance sheet ratios. https://youtu.be/ght8EGLLqGE March 6
  9. Retiring entrepreneur turns business into annuity. https://youtu.be/rkdB8eLl6Xw March 7
  10. Local business failures-Take money off the table. https://youtu.be/jNzpxEyFE_w March 8
  11. Bye Bye Birdie- Challenges of highly niched businesses. https://youtu.be/BWjyzEC4pt0 March 9
  12. Does debt make a business more volatile? https://youtu.be/YH8WzjkDU-AMarch 10
  13. Buy a business on a credit card? https://youtu.be/LE_Lyx9eOI0 March 11

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