Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Winter Blues don't infect these bold business buyers.


There’s been a lot going on this winter in the Business Buyer Adventure group. 

This past week we learned about some of the different ways a deal can get derailed and how you can get it back on track if a seller is getting cold feet.

Our Adventure calls are getting more and more live participants.  Members are adding value to the conversation by sharing thoughts and opinions with each other.

And these are not just random ideas-

Every member of the group is an achiever in their own domain, and about half of them already own businesses!

Watch the complete update video here: 

Join the group.  Meet others like you who want to take action to buy a successful business.

Participate in our group calls and learn from other member’s deals.

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Also, find out what’s been going on in the Cash Flow Forecasting and Business Plan Writing Course. 

If you are ever going to have to make a presentation to investors or lenders one day, this program is for you… also if you just want to see if your expansion or new idea is even feasible.

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