Wednesday, November 27, 2019

What's with the R-word? Things to think about when buying a small business in a recession economy.

What’s with the R-word?

Well, in the spring there was a question about buying a business in a recession.

Last week I released a video about whether business prices go down in a recession.

Now, I’m getting all kinds of recession questions.

The fact is, small businesses are risky and any ONE business is at risk of recession for reasons COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT of the general economy.

So, if there are all kinds of risks out there, do we need to do anything different when buying a business and we believe a recession is coming?

Planning for risks is part of the game. 

You need to put yourself in the best position with the most options possible.

I’ve put a few more thoughts into this week’s video as well as announced an early Black Friday goodie for 2019.

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