Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Remove burdensome debt when buying a business (USA) UCC Article 9

Using UCC article 9 to wipe debts away

This week’s interview is going to be valuable for American business owners and business buyers.

I interview debt-workout expert Kenny Butler from Bardwell Creative.

He helps businesses deal with burdensome debt and today he’s going to explain to us two things:

1         **The evils of Merchant Cash Advances

2     **How a business with too many debts may still be a good business to buy and how those debts can disappear!

The best thing is, Kenny will teach us about a non-judicial process which means that lawyers and courts don’t add to the expenses or timelines.

This technique can be extremely valuable in the days of covid-19.

Kenny came back and spent another hour with me to be the April guest speaker in the Business Buyer Adventure group coaching program about how to execute on these deals.

Listen as I interview Kenny Butler about how he helps wipe debts away in the sale of a business:

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