Wednesday, December 29, 2021

2021 Classic Video Roundup!


We’re about the turn the calendar to 2022, here are my favourite videos from the early years of my channel….

Watch as I give a rundown on why you should be watching these videos:

OR- Just watch this week’s video and all the rest mentioned by clicking this playlist:

It all started off when Liz said that she had watched my old video about My Life as a Business Broker, March 2016:

Staged Buy Out of a business, April 2018:

The Broke Bushwacker needs a loan, June 2014:

Multiple Offers, Sept 2014:

Buy a Business on a Credit card, April 2015:

Delegating Responsibility vs. Delegating Tasks, Nov 2015:

Is it wise to buy a failing business? Oct 2015:

Learn how to buy an already-successful and profitable business even in the covid-recession of 2020   

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