Monday, January 22, 2024

Live Big Brand Output- Small Business Budget with Jaci Russo

Big Brand Output- Small Business Budget

New Livestream guest-> Jaci Russo

I’m happy to have Jaci join me on a live broadcast.

Jaci has decades of experience working with companies to craft the right branding and implement strategic plans to make sure this brand works its way into every level of the organization.

In particular, she’s worked with many small businesses through the Brand State U project.

Tune in and as we’ll be discussing rebranding after an acquisition, Strategic Branding Plans and Rebranding a Holdco.

This is a ‘must see event’ for small business owners and those with aspirations to become one.

Be sure to join live so that you can ask questions, replay will be available.

Set yourself a reminder on YouTube here: 

We’ll be going live Monday January 22, 2024 at 12 Noon EST and 1pm Atlantic Time

See you there!

David C Barnett

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