Friday, May 24, 2024

A Fantastic Talk with International Business Brokers Association


In the "IBBA Insights Perspectives on Buying and Selling Businesses," business coach and entrepreneur David Barnett shares his expertise on the sale of businesses from a seller's perspective. Barnett discusses the importance of empathy for buyers and sellers during the transaction process, preparing a business for sale, and hiring the right people, including business brokers, to ensure a successful sale. He emphasizes the unpredictability of personal plans and the need for a well-prepared business, as well as the importance of trust between buyers and sellers. Barnett also advises sellers to be cautious when dealing with high engagement fees from brokers and to choose industry-focused brokers for better results. Throughout the conversation, Barnett stresses the importance of preparation, understanding cash flow, and working with qualified professionals to navigate the complexities of buying and selling businesses.

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