Tuesday, July 8, 2014

16 Week Business Buyer Success Program This Fall [VIDEO]

Well, I've put the finishing touches on my Business Buyer Success! program for the fall.

This program uses my Business Buyer Secrets seminar information and breaks it down into small digestible parts, gives you homework and tasks to accomplish and then a one-on-one follow up with me to review.

We then meet back and share among the group to maximize our learning of the material.

During the course, you will conduct a business search, meet professionals that you will use in a purchase and make an offer on a business.

This is your opportunity to arm yourself with the information you need to buy a profitable, mature business and pay the right price while mitigating risk through a proper deal structure.

The whole thing kicks off on September 2 and will finish just before Christmas.

See the complete details and register here: https://16weekbusinessbuyersuccess.eventbrite.ca

I walk you through the program and give additional information in this video

Special pricing offer ends August 2, 2014.  If you want to change your life through business ownership, this is the program for you. Program open to US and Canadian residents, pricing in $CAD.

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