Monday, April 27, 2015

US Student Loan Debtors should look to New Brunswick, Canada

Years ago, when I lived in Saint John, New Brunswick, I met someone who became a great friend.

We'll call him John.  John was a debt-refugee from British Columbia, or 'BC' as Canadians like to refer to it.  He had taken on a student loan to attend a program offered by a shady private college and got a certificate which really had no value.  He had no employment prospects as a result.

Since John was unable to earn money from his studies, he was forced into the service industry where he waited on tables.  His creditors eventually caught up with him and moved to have his wages garnished.  John couldn't afford this so he had two choices: declare bankruptcy to have the debt wiped away or move to New Brunswick.

Why New Brunswick? It's one of the few jurisdictions where creditors cannot have wages garnished.  Only The Family Court can garnish wages in New Brunswick for unpaid child support.  Everyone else has to resort to collections calls at suppertime.  Moving to New Brunswick is even a tactic promoted by Canadian bankruptcy trustees. [Look here]

Recently I've been hearing more and more stories in the US press about the 'Student Loan Bubble' and about how these debts cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.  It's creating a new class of life-long debt serfs who must toil under the weight of a foolish decision when they were young to invest borrowed money in a degree program which may not offer many employment opportunities.

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Well rejoice! Newly graduated people with university educations would rank high in Canada's immigration points scoring system.  Come visit New Brunswick and check it out.  We're only a 9 hour drive from New York City.

New Brunswick is located between Quebec and Nova Scotia, just east of Maine.  We have the warmest salt-water beaches north of Virginia because of the shallow Northumberland Straight.

There is lots of natural beauty here and low crime rates.  The perfect place to settle down, start a family and ignore the fact that you were enticed to borrow a ridiculous amount of money for a worthless degree.

Learn more about immigrating to New Brunswick here.


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