Tuesday, April 14, 2015

[VIDEO] I share the story of a client who used credit cards to finance the purchase of a small business.

I share the story of a business buyer who used a credit card to finance the purchase of a small business.  What other creative stories have you heard of for using credit cards and taking advantage of points?  BTW to learn more about using credit cards effectively in business read Credit Card Advantage. Buy it here: http://gumroad.com/l/jgfa

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  1. Would LOVE to hear more stories and examples of people using CC to buy businesses. I'm considering it because from what I understand you can build business credit pretty quickly and get $100k+ in revolving credit in less than 6 months. Why not then use the credit to buy a business for $200k and you put $100k down on your CCs. And have the rest on buyers finance. :)