Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Great article about how to make a game-plan for getting out of debt.

I came across this great article at Forbes.com on how to get out of debt.  The author has a very common-sense approach.  I give the article two thumbs up.


Laura Shin

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Out Of Debt

Contributor Laura Shin

Five years ago, when I was in my mid-30s, I opened my first adult savings account. I was attending a friend’s wedding in India and wanted to make sure I had enough money to go.

What I didn’t consider but later realized was that, at that time, I had $6,500 of credit card debt and $18,500 of student loan debt. Looking back, I can see that a more practical person would have said that going to India for three weeks might not be a prudent idea.

By the time I got back that August, the credit card balance had grown to $7,500. Panic gripped me. I had been in this situation before, in my 20s. The only difference was that, then, I had an okay excuse to fall into credit card debt: I was making very little money, and doing so irregularly. But this time around, I had a good, steady job, making decent money. I had nothing to blame but my own stupidity.


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