Friday, June 26, 2015

Ontario Students can now use Aeroplan points to pay off student debt!

A blog post was sent out to me in an e-mail which talks about how Ontario students can now use Aeroplan points to pay off their student debt in denominations of $250 by redeeming 35,000 points.

The author looks at this opportunity rather myopically because he assumes that these points need to be earned by personally spending money on a personal credit card.

I think this is another reason why young graduates should consider self-employment.  By funneling all business spending through an Aeroplan credit card, an Ontario small business owner could pay an extra $250 on their student debt EACH MONTH!

This could drastically reduce a person's student debt by years.

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Use Aeroplan Points on Student Debt

Ontario Students Can Use Aeroplan Points to Pay Off Student Debt 

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