Monday, January 25, 2016

Want to buy a business? The seller needs to take you seriously...You need to make the first sale.

I've been e-mailing recently with a person trying to buy a business.  The sellers will not discuss terms and make demands that seem unreasonable.  What is the problem?  Watch...

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Hey guys, it's Dave Barnett.  I just want to make a quick video because I was chatting online with someone who had seen a bunch of my videos and basically was expressing some frustration because they had been actually trying to buy a business.  I'll let you know the two things that seem to be happening to this person all the time.

Number one:  They were always been asked by sellers to put up a big deposit to demonstrate good faith in making the transaction and they were always been asked to provide very detailed financial information by the sellers and they said that they had tried to convince the sellers to do some vendor financing for them and they hadn't been successful at all in getting anyone to be able to even discuss it with them.

They were looking for some help.  Basically what I said to this person is, you are not being successful because you haven't made the first sale.  When someone goes to buy something like a car, or you go to Walmart to buy a blender or something; basically you're the customer and the other person who is trying to sell something, is trying to accommodate you, they are trying to make things happen for you so that you will buy their product.

The same thing doesn't happen when you go to buy a business because we need the sellers to be willing to help us out with training, financing most of the time and other sort of accommodations.  The first sale when you go to buy a business, it's not actually them selling you the business, it's you as a buyer selling them on the fact that you are the right person to buy the business, and that you are actually capable of doing it and you have the resources to do it.

In my online course, Business Buyer Advantage, I go on at length about this and how you properly prepare yourself in order to go out and meet those sellers, and what I said to this particular individual is that they actually were working against themselves because the sellers won't take them seriously.  They were failing in that first sale, so these people didn't believe that they were able to get the money together so they were asking for detailed financial information.  They didn't think that they had enough money to buy the business so they wanted a big deposit to show that they were serious and maybe they didn't believe that this person was capable of running the business so they dismissed the idea of vendor financing out of hand because they didn't want to take the risk on this particular buyer.

If you are going to go out and approach someone with the idea of inquiring as to whether or not you might be able to buy their business.  You need to get your act together first so that you are able to come up on that person and confidently argue your case for why you are the right person to run that business and why you have the resources and you are going to be successful and that in turn mitigate the risk they might take in mitigating the finance for you.

Anyone who is going to buy a business should take my business buyer course which is available at  With respect to the initial preparation for going out there, I talk a lot in the course about the buyer resume and in fact in the follow-up program which is called the next step that people can take after a business buyer advantage, we actually go through an exercise of you creating a buyer resume to go out there and sort of break down these barriers and help you make that first sale, which is selling the business owner on the fact that you are the right person for the business and you are going to be able to pull this off.

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