Sunday, January 1, 2017

How can I help this UK couple buy a business?

I received a wonderful e-mail from a UK couple asking for my help to buy some businesses.
Hi David 

I am based in the UK and have been watching your videos over the past 3 months and must say you are the most authentic trainer that I have come across 

I am keen to develop my business of buying companies flipping some and keeping some to build a portfolio 

I currently run a catering company with my wife and we would like to build a portfolio of companies around this business focused on Events Management - I also have experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry and would like to explore opportunities in that sector as well. 

I would be grateful if you can let me know how best you can help me in my Journey 

It always feels great to read that my work is appreciated.

In fact, it’s for people like this UK couple that I created my Business Buyer Advantage program over two years ago. 

It takes my day-long workshop and makes it into an online course that students can study at their leisure.

It’s also an incredible value.  Let me show you how by watching this video:

In fact, I often question the seriousness of people who claim to want to buy a business who seem unwilling to invest a few hours into actually learning how to do it correctly.  (The course works out to less than $20/hr)

You can check it out for yourself at

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