Sunday, December 25, 2016

12 Days of Small Business Mis-Management. Don't make these small business mistakes

I met Heer Pasha on LinkedIn and we had a fun exchange about why small businesses often fail.  It soon developed into a list and so we’re happy to present:

12 Days of Christmas Small Business MIS-Management

  1. Managing by cash and not seeing accruing liabilities
  2. Not understanding cash flow
  3. Not charting the workflow of their business function
  4. Lack of attention to administrative tasks
  5. Acting like a Princess or Prince… workers are not subjects
  6. No job descriptions. Who is accountable for what?

….and 6 more that will make you shake your head, but you’ll have to watch the video here:

The video is a little longer than my usual, but hey, what were you going to do after you open all your gifts anyways?
Happy Holidays

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