Monday, February 4, 2019

How affiliate deals work -AND- why you should get this FREE book now.

Hi everyone,

Ever since I achieved a few thousand subscribers on YouTube, I've been getting offers to help sell other people's stuff.

It's called 'affiliate marketing' and basically it works like this...

Because you like my stuff and have grown to trust what I say, then you'll feel comfortable paying money to buy something that I somehow endorse.

I don't like it.

It doesn't seem right to me and that's why I delete all of these.

Except, I received one a few weeks ago that was different.

It was different because I actually do endorse the product. 

The offer is simple.  Just sign up and receive a FREE copy of Josh Turner's book, which is confusingly titled; Booked.

It will show you how to use LinkedIn better.

It worked for me which is why I wanted to pass this offer along to you.

Now, Josh doesn't earn a living by giving away things for free.

If you sign up for this, they'll try to sell you some other program which I haven't done before.

Since Josh has been in business for years, I'm guessing that his other stuff is likely good and valuable, but I can't endorse something I haven't personally done.

Here's what I'd like to do for you though to clear my conscience.  Because, if you buy Josh's program, I'll be paid an affiliate commission of a couple hundred bucks.

****If you buy his program and you send me a proof of purchase and I can match it to my back-end report, I'll give you free access to my online course How To Do Local Investing Deals from A-Z, which has a retail value of approximately what Josh pays his affiliates.


Click here now and get a FREE copy of this valuable book.

Do it now as the offer is only good for a few days.



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