Friday, February 22, 2019

Industry-Leading direct response email marketer tells SmallBiz Buyers team about hidden customer email lists.


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This past month, we had Mike Finger come on to talk to us about seller mindset.  Mike built and sold a business, then bought and sold two more.

He lets us in on the differences between buyers and builders of businesses when the time comes to sell.  You can listen to this conversation right now when you join the group.

For March we have Ben Settle.

Ben has been working in the field of email marketing for decades and he’s learned from the best.  In fact, he’s the guy that I’ve been learning some of my email skills from.

Oftentimes, businesses have information on customers that they’re not taking advantage of.

I asked Ben in our March Expert Call if he thought this information could represent a hidden asset in these potential acquisition targets.

His answer might surprise you.

Join today and learn what he has to say when his interview goes live in March.

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