Saturday, February 9, 2019

Super-hero sidekick spotted at one of my workshops.


As you likely know from my fun and numerous e-mails, last week I did a live presentation of my small business systems course called Build a Business That People Will Want to Buy.

An interested and engaged crowd gathered in the hotel meeting room to hear me speak.

Attendees included:

(Names have been altered to protect the reputations of attendees and increase the enjoyment of readers..)
  • Cal, the cunning corporate counsel
  • Orville FettersBy, the office furniture baron
  • Lobster-trap Larry
  • Francis the foundation framer
  • … his lovely wife Fanny
  • -AND- Boy Wonder.  Bat-man’s famous side kick; Robin.
It’s the first time I’ve had a super-hero sidekick attend one of my conferences.

It was easy to recognize him even without his mask and costume:
  • Youthful teenaged appearance. 
  • Zest for crime-fighting disguised as an interest in business.
  • An optimistic energy that held no bounds for the future.
He told me that his father had bought the ticket (which means that Bat-Man likely subscribes to my emails.)

Seriously, it was a big deal for me because ever since I started doing such workshops MANY years ago… over 10, in fact, I’ve always offered a ‘youth’ ticket special for attendees under the age of 25.

This is the first time in a decade that someone has actually stepped up and taken advantage of the offer.

It was interesting to have the young man in the crowd.

I was interested in his feedback.  There were so many questions…
  • Do you think this material will help you in your entrepreneurial adventures?
  • Did you understand the power of setting up these systems vs trying to run your business using super-human wits?
  • Do you think I should be on Instagram?
His enthusiasm was unbridled.

‘I’m graduating high school in a few weeks,’ he said, ‘and I’ve never been taught anything at all like this.   -About how to make a business work like a machine without the owner there telling everyone what to do.   I just thought small business owners were there all day being the boss.’

And so it is with most people.  Visions of owning a business means visions of being the boss.

When the true goal should be being the owner.

Learn how to make a small business work for you by getting it ready for sale.  Invest some time in learning how you can easily bring business systems into any SME.

I promise: It’s easy, doesn’t take a lot of time, and you can do it.

Sign up and learn how you can Build a Business That People Will Want to Buy.



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